Our Client Service Guarantees

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At Cavanagh Gillies Lawyers, our clients are our priority.

We provide every client with excellent personalised service.

More than words, we guarantee that we will:

Only take your case if we have the time and resources to do the work required to the highest standard. If we are unable to take your case we will help you find another lawyer.

Not recommend legal representation unless the involvement of a lawyer will make a difference to the outcome of your case.  We will advise the alternatives.

Answer all your questions openly and honestly whether in relation to your legal position, the conduct of your case or the fees we propose to charge.

Take the time to listen carefully to you and understand your case, your goals and your concerns completely.

Involve you fully in the conduct of your case by informing and supporting you to make the decisions that improve your case.  We will not make decisions for you without your knowledge and input.

Empower you to make the best decisions in your case by taking the time to clearly outline your legal position and all options available to you. We will explain the pros and cons.

Return any call or email received before 2:30pm that same day and otherwise before 2:00pm the following day.  If we need more time to provide a full response we will let you know and stick to it.

Keep you fully informed of all developments in your case.  We will contact you immediately if we are available or within 24 hours at the latest.

Contact you to touch base, unless you wish otherwise, every three weeks if there are no other developments in your case.   We do not charge for this service.

Provide the certainty of a fixed fee whenever your case permits.  If not, we will disclose our fees in easily understood terms and provide estimates for each stage of your matter.

Actively identify what we and you can do to manage your legal costs and provide you the guidance you need to do so.

Never file a Court document or send any communication on your behalf without your approval.

Welcome, respect and value your input and ideas.

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