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Assault Offences and Offences Involving Violence

The Queensland Criminal Code 1899 creates a number of assault offences, offences involving violence, or what are sometimes called offences against the person are divided into categories.  The offences vary in seriousness.  They have different maximum penalties.

assault police
assault occasioning bodily harm
Cause Grievous Bodily Harm
Common Assault
Deprivation of Liberty

Drug Offences

In Queensland, the Drugs Misuse Act 1986 creates different drug related offences. The offences range from possession of a bong, failing to dispose of a syringe and possession of small amounts of drugs to carrying on the business of supplying drugs.  Drugs include steroids and synthetic drugs.

The Commonwealth Criminal Code 1995 also creates offences in relation to the importation of drugs.

Penalties can range from Police or Court ordered diversion through to lengthy terms of imprisonment.

Possession of a Dangerous Drug
Production of a Dangerous Drug
Drug Trafficking

Property Offences

The Queensland Criminal Code 1899 creates a large number of different offences relating to property.  Each offence can apply to a wide range of conduct.

Maximum penalties range from fine only offences (Unlawfully take Away Shop Good – Shoplifting) to life imprisonment for some offences including break and enter of a and arson of a dwelling.

For most property offences the facts most determine whether the offence is serious, in particular the value of the property involved.

Break and Enter
Forgery and Uttering
Wilful Damage

Sexual Offences

The Queensland Criminal Code 1899 creates different sexual offences relating to adults and children including pornography. 

The Commonwealth Criminal Code 1995 contains similar offences in relation to children involving the use of the internet. 

Indecent Dealing
Maintaining a Sexual Relationship
Make Child Exploitation Material
Possess Child Exploitation Material
Distribute Child Exploitation Material
Record Private Act
Sexual (Indecent) Assault
Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
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