Client Information – Our Fees

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Transparent fees explained upfront.

Unlike most firms we provide information about our fees.

For routine matters we quote a fixed fee and stick to it.

For more complex matters, we charge a set hourly rate.

We provide clear estimates of fees for each stage of a complex case, before we commence work.

Our estimates are accurate because we know what a case requires and the variables.

The option of fixed fees.

Our experience attending to thousands of cases allows us to offer fixed fees for many matters.

We tailor our fixed fees to each case to ensure your get value for money.

Access our fee scales.

Family Law Fees
Criminal Law Fees
Domestic Violence Fees

Support to manage your legal costs.

We engage with you about costs. We explain strategies available to manage costs without compromising your case.

We will support you taking an active role in your case with our assistance.

How can I manage my legal costs?

Experience = Efficiency = Cost Effective Representation

We use our expertise to cut through complexity and identify the real issues and focus on them and you.

We manage cases proactively and deliver services promptly to save time and cost.

We employ technology and systems developed from decades of experience to create efficiency.

We discourage clients incurring costs unless they advance a case.

A commitment to providing access to justice.

We offer choice and flexibility if funding is an issue.

We can assist if you don’t have the resources to fund legal representation for the duration of a complex case. Even a little legal help can make a world of difference. We offer discrete services to improve the strength of your case including drafting or reviewing affidavit evidence, preparing an outline of argument or analysing the other side’s case.

Learn about DIY help.

Value for Money.

We provide a service that represents good value for money.  We do not claim to provide a service on the cheap.

We put you first. We focus on achieving the best possible result in the way that is best for you.

We don’t charge a premium for the perceived complexity of or the likely consequences of the case.

We charge for the work required to achieve the best result for you.