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Rachel Gillies

Family Law Accredited Specialist

Solicitor since 1993.

As a family lawyer, I usually meet people at one of the most challenging times in their life.  It is my job to reduce the stress associated with a family law dispute by clearly explaining how the law works and providing realistic, practical advice to help my clients resolve their disputes and move on with their lives.

Mitchell Cavanagh

Criminal Law Accredited Specialist

Solicitor since 1999.

My career in criminal law spans 22 years.  My role as a criminal defence lawyer is to protect my clients and advance their interests.  Everyone charged with an offence deserves and needs the highest quality representation.

Justice depends on it.

Accredited Specialists: Experience on Your Side.

An accredited specialist is a lawyer recognised by a Law Society for  expertise in their field.    Law firms are not accredited specialists only individual lawyers.  Both our lawyers are accredited specialists in their respective areas of practice.

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